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Proudly serving the Poplar Bluff community since 2009.

About Physician’s Park Pharmacy

Locally Owned and Operated Since 2009

Physician’s Park Pharmacy has evolved over its short lifetime to keep up with the demands of individual customers. For Southeast Missourians, free time is relatively non-existent to most, budgets have gotten tighter, and illnesses have persisted. At Physician’s Park Pharmacy, we have streamlined our processes to be able to get customers’ prescriptions filled at an extraordinary rate while still ensuring that they have the tools, information, and resources available to better care for themselves.

Proudly Serving Southeast Missouri

We provide the fastest, most convenient pharmacy services and prescriptions at unbeatable prices while maintaining a focus on individual customer care.

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Our Team of Professionals

Ken Popp, RPh

Pharmacy Manager

James Harlan 


Kelli Garrison

Pharmacy Technician